TRL is Returning to MTV

If you haven’t heard or visited Tumblr ever, nostalgia is all the rave these days, so it’s no surprise that part of MTV’s plan to revitalize their brand includes a ton of reaching back to their heydays. In an interview with The New York Times, MTV’s president Chris McCarthy quietly announced one of MTV’s flagship shows Total Request Live would be relaunching this October as part of the network’s planned revamp.

In the interview, McCarthy explains that he views a Times Square studio a “centerpiece” of a reinvention and comeback of the MTV brand. The changes are part of “strategic pivot” by MTV’s parent company Viacom, as they look to focus on six core cable networks. McCarthy said other changes were in store as well, like making the award categories at the MTV Movie Awards gender neutral and renaming the Moonman award the Moon Person because, according to McCarthy “Why should it be a man? It could be a man, it could be a woman, it could be transgender, it could be nonconformist.”



LET’S GOOOO. Nostalgia Rules Everything Around Me. The world needs TRL now more than ever. It’s time MTV gets back to taking over Times Square and inviting pimple faced teenagers to cheer every time an MTV producer demands it. Hopefully with this comes the return of Boy Bands.

This only works if they bring back the GAWD, Carson Daly. Unfortunately, they’ll definitely bring in like Timothy Delaghetto or Max from Catfish. I’m also assuming that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake won’t be showing up either. What even is this show?

The best part about this interview was that MTV is going to change the ‘Moon Man’ trophy to the ‘Moon Person’. Wow, MTV is becoming so inclusive. Expect their viewership to skyrocket now.




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