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Tristan Thompson Dumps Khloe Kardashian To Focus on NBA Championship

“Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s relationship may be OVER – at least according to folks close to Tristan.

According to a person close to the Cleveland Cavs center, Tristan has asked Khloe to “take a break” – so that he could focus on Basketball.

But behind the scenes there could be MORE to the story. learned that Tristan has been working on his relationship with his babys mother Jordyn. And we hear there’s a chance that there could be a RECONCILIATION between the two – somewhere down the line.”



I love this move by Tristan Thompson to dumb Khloe and claim it’s because he wants to focus on an NBA title. Blame LeBron James for the fact that you need to be single in order to win a title. Make it seem like your teammates need your total attention even though half of the time is happily married.

When in actuality, you’re not dumping her to focus on basketball or any of that bullshit but you’re dumping her because you want to go back to your ex. Been there, done that, Tristan. I see what you’re up to over there.

I don’t want to victim blame here but just a word of advice for Khloe in the future, if you’re boyfriend gets his exgirlfriend pregnant, you should probably just pack up your bags and walk away from that situation entirely.

Well, I guess the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to win the title this season now that Tristan has his total focus on the cup and his baby mama. This is why I’m putting my money of the Rockets. A Khloe-less James Harden is a dangerous James Harden.




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