triple frontier

Triple Frontier is Netflix’s First Great Action Franchise

We’re getting the guys back together

Netflix original movies stink. That’s just a fact. Excluding documentaries, Netflix spent billions of dollars to create original movies and the end result was all of Adam Sandler’s worst ideas and that Will Smith Lord of the Rings cop movie which was a movie about racism that ended up just being suuuper racist. That’s usually how those movies go.

However, in the last year, Netflix has stepped up and finally made a radical business to actually produce like, great films. It’s almost as if they realized that people would rather watch good things than bad things.

Private Life and Roma were two of the best movies that came out in 2018 and it didn’t matter that it didn’t have a theatrical release. Shout out Kathyrn Hahn.

Enter Triple Frontier.

The ultimate ‘getting the gang back together’ action movie that the world didn’t know it needed. Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal, Charlie Hunnam (and a 5th guy) head back to South America to finish a shady mission they started many years ago that we vaguely understand but it totally doesn’t matter because we get it.

Put great actors into a movie that’s a love letter to 80’s actions films and drop them into a war against a local South American drug dealer and you’ve got yourself an automatic W.

It should be said, this movie isn’t perfect but it’s an at-home popcorn movie which is a genre that Netflix should swan dive into. You don’t have to think about a thing. You stuff your face with snacks while Ben Affleck murders a small village for no reason.

You don’t think about the fact that there isn’t a real bad guy in the movie. There’s a kingpin who we’re told is bad but we don’t ever seen him do, act or even speak at all. He’s out of the movie almost immediately.

None of the guys ever really go rogue. There’s no backstabbing. No sinister subplot about one of the guys needing the money more and trying to double cross the team.

The only real conflict of this movie seems to be the weight of $100 bills. All of their problems are ‘this money is heavy’ and ‘how do we move all of this money, ya know, because it’s so heavy’. But we’re not thinking about it. Too much popcorn and Charlie Hunnam sharpshooting.

I can watch 7 more sequels of this movie and if Netflix was smart, they have a team of people writing out 7 more sequels of this movie.

The year is 2030. Every individual network has taken all of its content off of Netflix to build their own paid subscription streaming services. All Netflix has is a back catalog of trash original movies and 17 Triple Frontier movies. Bliss.





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