The Trailer For The New Netflix Series GLOW Will Make You Hyped To See Women Wrestle

Well, that trailer was dope as shit. All I want to do right now is watch old female wrestling matches. What’s Sonny up to?[1. Fingers crossed she’s not dead.] What’s Trish Stratus doing this summer? I already know that I’m going to binge watch this series over the course of one beautiful sunny Saturday.

This show looks like NWA [2. shout out Lou Thesz.] meets Pitch Perfect meets Maron which is obviously the ideal combination for a TV series. Half naked women, cocaine and jokes? Yup, I’m 1000% in. Alison Brie can act her ass off [3. No idea if Kate Nash can act but she’s in there too for whatever reason.] and the rest of the ladies seem hilarious.

I don’t know what it’s like to be a female actress in Hollywood looking for work but I really hope the concept of struggling actresses becoming wrestlers returns. Let’s get that chick from The Departed with the WWF Women’s Belt around her waist asap.

GLOW is going to be fire emoji.




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