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Trading For Robinson Cano Would Completely Cripple The New York Mets Organization For The Next Half Decade

What Happened?

After days of rumblings and speculation, talks between the Mariners and Mets reached a crescendo Thursday on a blockbuster trade that would bring Robinson Cano and stud closer Edwin Diaz to Citi Field, allowing new general manager Brodie Van Wagenen to potentially strengthen his lineup and bullpen in one swoop.

According to sources, the framework of a deal has been reached and a trade between the two teams could become official as soon as Friday. The Mets are prepared to send Jay Bruce and Anthony Swarzak to the Mariners with former first-round draft picks Jarred Kelenic and Justin Dunn and likely Gerson Bautista. Van Wagenen on Thursday began informing Mets players included in the deal to prepare for a possible trade.

(NY Post)


It appears as though we are hours away from a blockbuster trade that would send Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz to the Mets for Jay Bruce, a salary dump and some prospects. This would be a massive move for the first time brand new GM, Brodie Van Wagenen who wants to flex his muscles as soon as possible.

The very obvious problem is that Robinson Cano is due $24 million annually until 2024. The contract expires when he is 41 years old and will very much not be physically capable of doing anything but refreshing his TD Bank app and seeing that money pour in daily.

Now, I don’t believe Cano is done as fas as being a player that can contribute to wins and losses but again, he is not a young man. If the Mets are paying him $24 million then you know damn well they will be playing him as many games as possible.

Personally, I don’t suggest making a 36-year old play second base every day. The daily wear and tear might affect his bat which is the only upside to acquiring him.

BUT, let’s not sleep on Edwin Diaz who is a 24-year flamethrower that recorded 57 saves with a 1.96 ERA last season. The Mets need a bullpen and having Diaz in the 9th inning would change their team entirely.

So should the New York Mets trade for Robinson Cano?

If you know the Mets front office and ownership well enough, then you know that acquiring a player that’s owed $120 million means that they are done spending money for at least 4 years and especially if Cano doesn’t play well. If the Mets pull the trigger on this deal, they are done making deals forever.

So you can say goodbye to Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard who will be getting a combined $0 if Cano is on the payroll. Cool, the Mets acquire Edwin Diaz. Doesn’t matter now because they don’t have a starting rotation anymore.

Also, I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite here. The Yankees should for sure try to acquire Robinson Cano but the Steinbrenner’s and the Wilpon’s are two completely different families.

The Yankees swallowed Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez’s stupid ass contracts after they retired midseason. When Giancarlo Stanton is washed up, the Yankees will just eat those millions and get all that money back this weekend in hat sales. It wouldn’t shock me if the Yankees are currently planning on paying Jacoby Ellsbury the rest of his contract to just disappear.

The Mets literally cannot afford this. This Cano deal is the beginning of the end for the Mets. Laugh out loud.


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