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Mother Arrested For Locking Kids in the Trunk So She Can Shop At Walmart

A Utah mother has been jailed on suspicion of child abuse after cops say she locked her two young children in her car’s trunk while she went inside a Walmart store to shop.

Tori Lee Castillo, 39, remains jailed on suspicion of child abuse after being arrested Thursday around 6pm in Riverdale, Utah when she returned to the car.

Witnesses in the parking lot heard two children, ages two and five, making noise from inside the trunk and saw the Chevrolet sedan shaking, according to ABC 4. 

Stunned onlookers talked the five-year-old through how to open the trunk by using the emergency latch. They also called 911. 


(Daily Mail)


There is nothing worse than walking through Walmart and seeing unaccompanied children running around and bumping into everything in sight.1 Kids are just the worst. Tori Lee Castillo was just saving everyone the frustration of trying to avoid her kids so she locked them in the trunk. She did everyone a huge favor so I’m not quite sure she was arrested.

Yes, I suppose it’s weird that she chose to lock them in the trunk instead of just leaving them in the backseat with the windows down. Here’s the thing, you leave your kids in the backseat and then all of a sudden, nosy patrons start surrounding your car and it becomes a bigger deal than it really is. Toss em in the trunk for a few minutes and go buy you some new sweaters.

Sure, she may not be the best mother but she certainly is a fantastic shopper and should get some sort of gift card or whatever. Kids are the worst.




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  1. I’d rather there be unaccompanied wild tigers.

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