The Top 9 Centers in the NBA Today

Many experts believe that the center position is dying out in the NBA. Perhaps that’s true. The Golden State Warriors are the best team we’ve seen in a decade and they are most efficient when they play 6’7″ Draymond Green at the center position.

Small ball has taken over. Most teams are at a disadvantage if they have two 7 footers on the floor at the same time. It’s all about shooters. Who’s got em and who can defend em. The center position is dead.

Except that’s complete bullshit. I’m an old school cat. Guys like Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabar and Shaquille O’Neal determine who wins games and who losses. I’ll always believe that Hakeem Olajuwon is the best player in NBA history and the biggest difference maker ever.

The center position in today’s game is an x-factor.¬†Tim Duncan may not be as athletic as he was in his youth but his ability to bail out an offense and his presence in the paint defensively is immeasurable. With teams going small, a great center is even more valuable today than it ever has been.

Here are the top 9 centers in the NBA today:


Honorable Mention: Kristaps Porzingis in like, 2 years


Imagine I wrote a full-length NBA article and didn’t find a way to talk about the New York Knicks? I can’t not. But I’m actually pretty serious here when I say that in about 2 years when they finally decide to move the 7’4″ Porzingis to the center position.

His shooting range would make him a nightmare against traditional centers who wouldn’t have the ability to defend him from the 3-point line. He can also put the ball on the floor and hit defenders with that Iverson crossover. Defensively, Kristaps can block shots without even leaving his feet. All he has to do is add some weight on his body but he’s 20-years old. He’ll make this list in 2 years. Go Knicks.

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