Top 7 Second Basemen in MLB 2016

I was originally going to do individual team-by-team breakdowns in preparation for the start of the 2016 MLB season but then I remembered that I don’t give a shit about the San Diego Padres and I have nothing constructive to say about most organizations outside of the New York Yankees.

But then I remembered I know the players. If there’s one thing my nerdy statistical batting average stuffed brain knows, it’s the players. So instead, I will be breaking down the MLB season by position.

Next up are the second basemen. The guys out there who two jobs: turn double plays and ground into them. The second baseman rankings will be based off of 3 important factors: offense, defense, my own personal bias.

[su_heading]7. Brandon Phillips[/su_heading]

brandon phillips

Phillips is 35-years old this season and he still continues to be one of the most consistent players in Major League Baseball. You don’t even realize he’s still in the league but statistically he’s up there with all of the best second basemen.

Again, he’s old as shit now so the Gold Glove days are long gone but that doesn’t mean he’s some sort of liability out there. His range may have declined but he can turn a double play with the best of them. He also batted .294 so he still has one of the best sticks out there.

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