Top 50 NBA Players

Top 50 NBA Players

With the NBA season coming to a close, it’s time to look at who’s the best of the best. This list is based off of this years performance so injury is a major factor. These are the best NBA players TODAY.

1. Kyle Korver. The greatest player in the NBA. The grestest player in NBA history. The fire emoji. The water emoji. They created the hall of fame so that one day they could honor the great Kyle fucking Korver

2. LeBron James. I want so badly not to put LeBron at #1 because it’s so boring but he does everything on the court and does it better than anybod else on the planet.

3. Russell Westbrook. He’s this year’s MVP. No debate necessary. Triple-double machine. With Durant only playing in 27 games this year, Westbrook is basically carrying the Thunder on his back to the playoffs. Super human.

4. James Harden. Every single night I expect to get sent a vine of him crossing someone up. Literally destroying everyone’s ankles. You can’t keep him off of the free throw line. The Rockets might possibly be the worst team in the west if Harden wasn’t embarrassing defenders night after night.

5. Steph Curry. Golden State is the best team in the NBA and he’s a major reason why. Curry in a fastbreak is unstoppable. Quicker than anyone else on the court. He’s the roadrunner with an unbelievable jumpshot.

6. Anthony Davis. All you can eat stats from this guy. Points, blocks, rebounds, steals, whatever needs to get done, Davis is on it. A center with the skills of a guard. He’ll have an mvp award in the near future.

7. Chris Paul. He sneaky still might be the best point guard in the NBA. No one leads their team like Paul does.

8. DeMarcus Cousins. The only skill cousins lacks is consistency. You put him on a team that’s actually competing for a championship and he’ll play at 100% night after night.

9. Damian Lillard. Oh my clutch. My first choice to give the ball to in the 4th quarter is Lillard.

10. Kevin Durant. Yes, I know this is low for Durant but you have to be on the court to be considered the best. Hopefully his career doesn’t become limited due to injury.

11. Carmelo Anthony. As a knicks fan it’s very difficult to not put him at #1. Go Knicks!

12. LaMarcus Aldridge. I love me a good inside low-post game. Shades of Hakeem Olajuwon.

13. Kyrie Irving. Could drop 30 points a game if he wanted to.

14. Marc Gasol. Gasol might be one of the last pure centers in the NBA.

15. ¬†Chris Bosh. If Bosh could rebound he’d be top 10. Just a small forward in a 6’10” body.

16. Klay Thompson. Just dripping wet.

17. Blake Griffin. He can do more than just dunk, apparently.

18. Joakim Noah

19. John Wall

20. Pau Gasol

21. Kevin Love. Would be top 10 if he wasn’t a complete non-factor in 4th quarters.

22. Dwight Howard

23. Goran Dragic

24. Dwayne Wade

25. Dirk Nowitzki

26. Derrick Rose. Get new knees.

27. Zach Randolph

28. Gordon Hayward

29. Rajon Rondo

30. Paul Millsap

31. Al Horford

32. Jimmy Butler

33. Kyle Lowry

34. DeMarr DeRozan

35. Kobe Bryant

36. DeAndre Jordan

37. Nikola Vucevic

38. Ricky Rubio

39. Al Jefferson

40. Eric Bledsoe

41. Kawhi Leonard

42. Kenneth Faried

43. Mike Conley

44. Serge Ibaka

45. Jeff Teague

46. Rudy Gay

47. Bradley Beal

48. Draymond Green

49. Deron Williams

50. Paul George. Get well soon.

If you disagree with anything leave a comment below. I mean, you’d be completely wrong but leave a comment anyway.


Written by Deadseriousness

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