Top 50 Deadseriousness Articles of 2015

Top 50 Deadseriousness Articles of 2015

2015 is coming to end and it’s time to cash in on all of my hard work by making a list of the top 50 articles of the past year. Victory lap. This is basically my opportunity to snatch up more sweet delicious pageviews before the year ends. Papa pageviews is hungry and he needs to eat. Feel free to run through all of these links. Happy New Year.


50. The Most Boring Thing Ever: Episode 1

49. How to Avoid Falling Victim To Cuffing Season

48. Man Buns Are the Greatest Thing To Ever Happen

47. The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar Share a Jolly Good Laugh Together

46. Jaden Smith is Batman

45. How To Deal With New York Mets Success and a Yankees Fan

44. Jeremy Lin Looks Like an Asshole

43. Why Netflix and Chill Will Forever Be the Perfect First Date 

42. Crossfit vs. Soul Cycle

41. Crack:1 Lamar Odom: 0

40. Oh Hey Caitlyn Jenner, You Sexy Little Fox

39. Woman Intentionally Makes Herself Blind With Drain Cleaner

38. High School Teacher Bangs 6 Students

37. Pamela Anderson is Free of Hepatitis C and Posting Half Naked Photos on Instagram

36. Amy Schumer is Kind of Chubby. We Get It. Who Cares.

35. Couple Spends Two Days Locked in a Closet, Turns Out the Closet Was Unlocked the Whole Time

34. Guy Snapchats Himself Hiding Under a Girl’s Bed After Her Mom Comes Home Early

33. 6 Celebrities Who Probably Should’ve Died Young

32. 6 Reasons Why the Beach is the Worst Place on Earth

31. 12 Gifs From the Hotline Bling Video That Prove Drake is the Lamest Guy on Planet Earth

30. American Pharoah Has a Mindblowing Back Story That You Won’t Believe

29. Rich Divorced Woman Does Cocaine and Has Orgies and I Can’t Begin To Describe How Jealous I Am

28. Cheat Sheet: Disney Animated Movies

27. The 7 Greatest New York Knicks of All Time

26. Johnny Manziel Gets Into Fight With Girlfriend After Drinking And Then Tweets About It Like He Didn’t Go to Rehab For Drinking

25. British Slut and Her Slut Mom Get Plastic Surgery To Look Like Some Other British Slut

24. 5 Things I Absolutely Hate Seeing in Porn

23. MMA Fighter Must Fight At A Heavier Weight Class Because of Her Massive Tits

22. Soooo Here’s the Thing About Ronda Rousey

21. New Supergirl Trailer DARES Me To Hate This

20. 6 Things That Suck About Every Action Movie

19. Two Teachers Invite Students To An Alcohol Fueled Sex Party on the Beach

18. Teacher Who Was Arrested For Having Sex With Students Get Released From Jail And Immediately Has Sex With More Students

17. Josh Donaldson Has a Vagina

16. 69 Ways to Celebrate 6/9

15. 101 Little Things in Life That We Take For Granted

14. Kendall Jenner and D’Angelo Russell Are Banging

13. The War on Cargo Shorts

12. Woman Crush Wednesday: Sonya Curry

11. Time To Be Honest: How Fat is Matt Harvey?

10. The 15 Most Googled Sex Questions (And King Lester’s Answers)

9. 7 Reasons Why Furious 7 is the Greatest Movie of All Time.

8. Woman Arrested For Fingering Herself During Fifty Shades of Grey

7. Redrafting the 1996 NBA Draft

6. 5 Reasons Why Your Relationships Never Last As Long As You Want Them To

5. The Seven Deadly Sins of the Disney Princesses

4. 8 Reasons Why the Power Rangers is a Horrible Place To Live

3. Dad Bods Are Taking Over and I’m Pissed

2. 5 Reasons Why Lois Lane is the Worst Girlfriend EVER

1. I Absolute HATE That Caitlyn Jenner Won The Arthur Ashe Courage Award


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