Top 5 Celebrity Poker Players

Poker is just as popular as ever. The card game survived the test of time thanks to new exciting variants such as Texas Hold’em which caused a worldwide craze a decade ago. With all the variants present in online casinos like NetBet UK and new ones arriving every year, poker still sits at the throne of the most popular card games ever.

The poker bug has bitten millions of people around the world, with not even the biggest celebrities immune to it. Some like to play it casually on Friday nights, while others have stopped their acting careers in order to compete at a pro level.

Ben Affleck

We’re going to start with probably the most famous celebrity poker player of them all – the Dark Knight himself, Ben Affleck. Notorious for getting banned from more than a few blackjack tables (apparently for counting cards), Affleck is almost a poker pro after taking lessons from poker legends such as Amir Vahedi.

He won the 2004 California Poker Championship and countless high-stakes games as well. Being an actor, we’re sure he knows how to keep his poker face on.

Shannon Elizabeth

Once a major movie star after appearing in the hugely successful American Pie series, Shannon Elizabeth mysteriously dropped off the radar. No one was really sure why until the media uncovered the mystery – she actually became a poker pro!

In 2007, Elizabeth beat some of the best poker players in the world at the NBC National Heads Up Championship and finished 4th. That’s impressive for an actress who didn’t spend her whole life in poker rooms.

Michael Phelps

Although not as accomplished a player as Affleck, Michael Phelps is an avid poker fan who spends most of his free time playing the game online. The most successful Olympic swimmer in history has already appeared at the WSOP 2018. He’s said to be relishing the opportunity to appear in other poker pro tournaments.

We all know how dedicated Phelps can be. This discipline and motivation will surely make him a better poker player in the coming years and maybe even a pro.

Jennifer Tilly

Oscar-nominated Hollywood actress Jennifer Tilly is another celebrity bitten by the poker bug. She has appeared at many tournaments and even has a bracelet from a 2005 poker event. Tilly’s boyfriend, Phil Laak, is a well-known poker player who certainly showed his girl some of the tricks of the trade.

Boris Becker

Tennis legend Boris Becker loves poker as much as he loves tennis and he isn’t afraid to show it. While other celebrities are not so fond at being seen playing poker, Becker frequently appears in tournaments. He is one of the few PokerstarsAmbassadors and can regularly be seen at poker tables across Europe.

It’s a hobby he openly talks about and takes just as seriously as he takes tennis. The former Wimbledon champion has won his fair share of tournaments in the past, and we have no doubt he’ll win a few more.

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