The Amazing Tony Wroten Era Has Ended in New York

Wow, this is horrible news for the future of the New York Knicks. Tony Wroten was supposed to be the greatest point guard to ever touch a basketball but now thanks to a lousy trade, he’s out on the free agent market for another championship contending team to scoop up. Imagine if the Golden State Warriors sign Tony Wroten. They’d be in the NBA finals for the next decade.

Now that both Tony Wroten and Jose Calderon have been shipped out of town, I don’t know what this Knicks team has left. I mean, Kristaps Porzingis is the reincarnation of Wilt Chamberlain but I really thought Wroten was going to be his Oscar Robertson. Damn. Hard times on planet Earth. Knicks. Tape.

Sidenote: You can tell how important Wroten was to the team when there are zero photos on the Internet of him actually wearing a Knicks jersey. The guy never even got a uniform.


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