Tony Stewart Tried To Murder a Fan, You Know, Like He Murdered That Driver

Remember when Tony Stewart casually ran a driver over and killed him in front of a live crowd then got away with it. Good times. Well now his lust for blood has returned as he jumped into the stands to murder an innocent bystander. No one is safe when Tony Stewart leaves his house in the morning.

I hate that Tony Stewart sort of got a ‘victory’ here. He pushed over a drunk fan and had a little proud smirk on his face while a crowd of even drunker men cheered his name. Tony Stewart is a hero, apparently. Remember that time he KILLED A GUY?

Yes, you can say it was an accident or whatever but seriously, you can’t get into a heated argument with a guy and then swerve at him when you see he’s clearly on the track. It’s wild that he’s still getting cheered like we didn’t watch a vehicular manslaughter.

Keep doing your thing Tony Stewart. Murder until your little heart grows tired. Then murder a few more for people because why not? What a great guy. Glad he’s still allowed on racetracks. A true hero and a man to look up to.

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