tony romo retiring

Tony Romo is Retiring

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is retiring from football and moving into the broadcast booth, league sources told Todd Archer and Adam Schefter of ESPN. The decision comes as the Cowboys were planning to release the veteran on Tuesday.



The Tony Romo era is officially over in Dallas as the broken backup quarterback is retiring from the NFL. Apparently he will begin a career in broadcasting because for whatever reason, every player who retires from a professional sport is somehow qualified to do the same job that others go to school for and get actual journalism and broadcasting degrees in.

Good for him for realizing that he now sucks at football and gets his back broken every time a defender comes near him. Takes a big man to not want to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Must’ve been a real tough decision for him. Make millions as an NFL quarterback but spend it all on hospital bills or make millions as a broadcaster and spend it all on Dak Prescott jerseys.

As a Giants fan, Tony Romo retiring is sad news. Who is going to throw interceptions in the redzone during the 4th quarter of Giants/Cowboys games now? It’s going to be a looooong season without him.





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