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Tomi Lahren Tries to Have Brunch, Gets Drink Thrown At Her and Gets Called a ‘Racist Bitch’

My favorite thing about Tomi Lahren is when she goes on television and says that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization and that everyone should own guns and then she posts IG stories of herself sitting a red light listening to 21 Savage as if to say ‘look, I’m just like you guys’.

Well, people aren’t buying.


Awwww you really have to feel bad for this human clickbait just trying to have some mimosas and a sausage link but suddenlyyyy gets berated by the people she has spent her entire ‘career’ attempting to minimize. You have to see it. It’s almost as if there are consequences to the dumb shit you say.


Hopefully this follows Tammy Laurel everywhere she goes from now until infinity. Let’s stop being polite to people who would prefer if we stayed in our lane and kept quiet about racism. I want this loser covered in bloody mary’s any time she leaves her house on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Please dunk on this adult little girl all day, every day. A woman who scoffs at the idea of white privilege as if she’s not the living embodiment of it. Throw all of your drinks at her. I will personally reimburse you for it.



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