Tomi Lahren Calling Joe Kennedy ‘Limp Dick’ and ‘Little Ginger Nerd’ Seems a Bit Much

Tomi Lahren is FEEEEELING it right now.

For context, Democrat Joe Kennedy, criticized Donald Trump following his State of the Union address by saying that Trump was “turning American life into a zero-sum game” where improving the lives of some people would hurt the lives of others. Seems like a pretty fair criticism of a president who only cares about himself. Saying that he even cares about SOME people’s lives is quite generous.

Interesting move for Tomi Lahren to build her entire brand on calling liberals ‘snowflakes’ and too sensitive and then immediately jumping off the top rope to call someone a limp dick because he has a different opinion than her.

You really have to respect this grown child’s inability to recognize her own stupidity like when she posts a video on Instagram of her rapping along to 21 Savage and then a week later shitting on rap music for the same lazy reasons that old white people have been complaining about rap since the beginning of time.

Also real quick, let’s all chill with the ginger shit. Rewatch that video and replace the word ‘ginger’ with any other race of people and Tammy Lo-Mein would be out looking for a new job right now. “Just look at this little nasty Mexican”. Yikes.


“I got too upset”…fucking snowflake.

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