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Tom Brady Making Out With His Son Isn’t A Great Look

I’ll be honest, this isn’t a great look for Tom Brady. It’s cool to love your family and to be a family man and to not be afraid to express your emotions and blah blah. There’s a lot of toxic masculinity in the NFL and it’s dope to see that Brady isn’t afraid to show love to his offspring.

Having said that, noooot great to be tonguing down your son. That kiss was like, a lot. I wish a girl would give me that type of attention. Brady’s out here having foreplay with his son like it’s not a big deal. Imagine being the trainer sitting there watching Tom fuck his son. What an uncomfortable position to be in.

This combined with the story earlier this week that Tom Brady almost got a Boston local radio host fired for calling his daughter an ‘annoying little pissant‘ should really open people’s eyes to the type of gross ass relationship Tom has with his children.

CTE is a hell of a drug. All those helmet to helmet hits and now Tommy B can’t keep his tongue off of his children’s tongues. Now I’m actively hoping that Tom Brady plays football for 10 more years because the second he retires, he’ll be around these kids 24/7 like the mother in that episode of Black Mirror watching his children’s every move and awaiting their arrival home so he can go down on them or whatever twisted shit this maniac is into.





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