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Todd Frazier Injured Himself In Batting Practice…So He Is OFFICIALLY A New York Met

Todd Frazier will be sidelined indefinitely after an MRI exam revealed the veteran infielder has a left oblique strain. On Tuesday, Frazier said he felt discomfort while taking recent batting practice and alerted team officials. (NYP)

The New York Mets specialize in their uncanny ability to murder all of their players in weird off-the-field injuries and then misdiagnose them for like, 6 months only for that injury to get so bad that players just casually miss entire seasons from spraining their ankle getting off the bus.

Noah Syndergaard contracted some weird illness from the Medieval Times last season. Yoenis Cespedes hurt his heel and the Mets just let him play golf and now he has permanent damage and won’t be in the batter’s box anytime soon.

Yo, last season Juan Lagares STUBBED HIS TOE and missed the entire year. Even Tim Tebow missed his opportunity to make his MLB debut because he had a hand injury out of nowhere.

And now, Todd Frazier officially becomes a New York Met after suffering a strained oblique in batting practice. Just as the prophecy foretold. As it was written. Welcome to the New York Mets.




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