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Today Show Ratings Are Up After Megyn Kelly’s Firing Sooo Let’s Keep This Asshole Off Television Forever

What Happened?

As per Deadline, the last week the show aired as Megyn Kelly Today, the show clocked 2.522 million viewers. The week after her departure — when the show was renamed simply Today and whose reins have been handed to the likes of Al Roker, Jenna Bush Hager, and Craig Melvin — it jumped to an average of 2.649 million. This week it’s dropped a touch, but only to 2.632 million — still better numbers than when Kelly was steering the ship.



Megyn Kelly was fired a couple of weeks ago and we’re all still celebrating the removal of that race-baiting, dog whistling blonde asshole. I’m still not totally sure what NBC thought was going to happen when they took this woman off Fox News and tried to make her a morning talk show host.

This Today Show hosts need to have smiling faces and upbeat attitudes so that middle-aged woman that just stressed out all morning getting their children on the bus can have a fun little show to watch where they get news and positive vibes.

Megyn Kelly comes from the Fox News school of drawing fear from its viewers and making people hate Latinos.

Megyn Kelly is known for going out of her way to make sure that we all know that Santa can’t be black. We were told she was fired for pretending to not understand why Blackface wasn’t okay but the real reason why she was fired has become quite clear.

Ratings rule everything.

At the end of the day, this asshole managed to steal $69 million from NBC so hopefully there is a mutual understanding that she gets her heist money and we never have to see her again.

Give me all of the Al Roker that NBC has.



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