Time to Be Honest: How Fat is Matt Harvey?

I know I should be watching the World Series and I shouldn’t be sitting on my computer writing this article about another adult man’s weight but like, it’s time we have a serious discussion about this. Maybe because this is the World Series, the grandest stage of them all, but I have not noticed Harvey’s love handle until today. So like, in all seriousness, HOW fat is Matt Harvey?

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I have no information in front of me but I have a pretty good eye and it looks like Harvey has gained about 350 pounds in the last 3 months. Wasn’t he on the cover of an ESPN magazine for the body issue? Wasn’t he a young man last year? Why does he look like a middle aged alcoholic who only has visitation rights to his kids for every other weekend. Jesus. #FattHarvey.

Matt Harvey


matt harvey chins

big sexy


Final Verdict: #FattHarvey.


Thanks for reading. Tweet to @TheLesterLee if you see Fatt Harvey get any fatter.


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