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Tim Tebow Has The Absolute Worst Comments About Maryland’s Decision To Fire Head Coach DJ Durkin

What Happened?


Maryland head coach, DJ Durkin allowed a kid to die during practice and was given a paid leave from the team. After a season-long investigation, the university reinstated Durkin even though as I originally mentioned, he killed a kid.

After both internet outrage and real life on campus protesting, Maryland went back and decided to finally fire the worst coach in college football. Uh, Tim Tebow for whatever reason, took Maryland’s decision super personally and sounded off on ESPN.

Tim Tebow is mad that Maryland listened to the outraged and changed their initial decision. Tebow gave an inspiring rant about how we should all stick to our guts and not be bullied by outrage culture. Cool. Cute message, Timmy.

Except for the fact that Maryland’s original decision was completely wrong and they needed to change their minds. Who gives a shit how they got to the correct final result? The important part is that they got there.

A teenager died at practice and Maryland was like ‘welp, nothing to see here. The job is all yours, DJ’ and Tim Tebow was completely okay with that. But the second Maryland was like ‘actually wait, everyone on campus and everyone on the team has made it very clear that we fucked up. Nevermind, we are going to fire him’ and Tim Tebow was like ‘FOLLOW YOUR FIRST INSTINCTS, YOU COWARDS’.

New rule: stop asking what AA minor league baseball players think about anything outside of roadside midwest diner recommendations and Kevin Costner movies. Thank you.





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