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Tim Hardaway Jr is the Worst Player in the NBA

The New York Knicks are currently on a 3 game losing streak after opening the season with a dominant victory over the Atlanta Hawks. I recognize that it’s very early on in the season to be making bold claims but I’ve been under the weather recently otherwise I would’ve written this article 2 games ago.

With Kristaps Porzingis out, there is this false narrative that the Knicks ‘need scoring’ and for whatever reason, the team has given Tim Hardaway Jr. the idea that he is the answer to this ‘problem’ that doesn’t actually exist.

Tim Hardaway Jr. is the second highest player on the team behind Enes Kanter and I don’t even count Kanter because his massive contract was necessary to match Carmelo Anthony’s in the trade that sent him to Oklahoma City.

The Knicks chose to throw a 4-year/$72 million deal at Tim Hardaway Jr. in the summer coming off of an extremely average 14 points per game season. This man is essentially getting a MAX deal and no one on Earth can explain to me why.

But with that stupid contract comes the equally stupid belief that he is the star of the Knicks. He ain’t.

Tim Hardaway Jr. is SECOND in the entire NBA in field goal attempts with 91 shots in just 4 games. Hardaway has taken more shots than James Harden (60) and Chris Paul (29) COMBINED. What are we doing here?

Let’s talk about this belief that the Knicks need Hardaway to be their leading scorer.

Trey Burke may not be the best finisher at the rim but he can get to the basket literally any time he wants. I honestly believe the only defender that can stop him one-on-one is on his own team and I’d be shocked if Frank Ntilikina turns heel and decides to D up Burke in the middle of a game.

The Knicks also have Mario Hezonja and Allonzo Trier who have made it very clear early on in the season that they can get buckets. If you went to play pick up ball at the local park and Hezonja and Trier were running two-on-two, they’d be on the courts all day busting everyone’s asses.

I should also say that Enes Kanter can score 20 on any given night and when Kevin Knox gets his ankles back, he deserves way more shots.

But do you get the point I’m making? I just named 5 guys on the roster that can not only get buckets but are better at it than Hardaway is.

In Monday night’s loss against the Milwaukee Bucks, Tim Hardaway Jr. had an alarmingly bad -25 plus/minus on the court.

It’s not a coincidence that the Knicks go down early in games and then all of a sudden when the bench comes in, it’s a close game. It’s because the Knicks are simply a better team when Hardaway isn’t on the court letting players blow past him on defense and then coming down on offense and taking contested mid-range jumpers.

Tim Hardaway Jr is the worst player in the NBA and Ron Baker should be given all of his minutes until further notice. Someone send this to Coach Fizdale.





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