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Thoughts and Prayers To Carlos Beltran

Carlos Beltran finally gets his first managerial position anddd it will be the last of his career after the New York Mets chew him up and spit him out in their own mediocrity and overall stupidity.

Mickey Calloway finished with a 163-161 record as the last Mets manager and there’s no way in hell he’ll ever lead another ball club. Last season, the Mets finished with an 86-76 record. They were the last team in the Wild Card race. And again, Calloway is GONE.

Expectations are through the roof, for reasons I don’t quite understand but after the random acquisition of Marcus Stroman and the emergence of Peter Alonso are a premier star in this league, Beltran is coming into a win-now situation which is already difficult for a first-time manager.

Next season they’ll be competing against the defending World Series champions who will 1000% be backing up Brinks trucks to Anthony Rendon and Stephen Strasburgh’s front doors so I don’t suspect this team is going anywhere.

The Phillies just hired Joe Girardi as their new manager. Girardi is a sociopath which will help control fellow sociopath, Bryce Harper.

Let’s also not forget the Atlanta Braves made the postseason this year before the Cardinals shoved 10 runs in the first inning down their throats and shut them out of the playoffs.

The Mets also believe they are competing with the New York Yankees because they share a city even though they don’t at all operate the same way and the Yankees are a global brand. The Mets are popular in Flushing and like, Commack.

Carlos Beltran is walking into a buzzsaw of incompetence, starting with the fact that he was hired. Strange move to fire a first time manager with no experience and replace him with a first time manager with even less experience.

Beltran has never coached at any level ever. He was a front office advisor for the Yankees but never actually coached in the dugout. Not saying it’s impossible for him to have success. Aaron Boone never coached before and he wins 100 games annually.

But again, strange move to hire back-to-back newbies and expect different results.

Let’s all enjoy the first couple of months where we see flashbacks of Beltran’s time with the Mets as a player where he bat .280 with 149 homers in seven seasons.

And the second something goes wrong, we’ll be reminded of 2010 when Beltran got knee surgery without telling the team about it first.

This is going to end in fire which is the Mets specialty. Thoughts and prayers to Carlos Beltran for earning his dream job before the Wilpons, who are still paying off Bernie Madoff, ruin his life.

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