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10 Thoughts About The Chicago Cubs Signing Craig Kimbrel

  1. Last season, Craig Kimbrel was an All-Star that finished second in the AL with 42 saves (in 45 save attempts), a 2.74 ERA and struck out 96 batters in 62.1 innings pitched.
  2. He’s a pretty decent career or whatever.

3. After helping the Boston Red Sox win the World Series, Kimbrel hit free agency and demanded a 6-year $120 million deal which is insane to give a 31-year old pitcher who wasn’t particularly great in the postseason.

4. The fact that he still managed to get a 3-year deal is wild but Chicago is tied for first with Milwaukee in a brutal NL Central so any reinforcement helps.

5. Last time Chicago added a star closer halfway through the season, it was Aroldis Chapman and they won the World Series. Interesting.

6. Want to take this time to once again point out that Ben Zobrist is sitting out the season because his wife left him. “My wife fell off a cliff” -Ben Zobrist.

7. The Cubs have 31 wins this season and no pitcher on this team has more than 5 saves. Bullpen by committee is cool in like, May, but the bullpen works best when everyone knows their role and which days they’re coming in. Adding Craig Kimbrel stabilizes their relief pitching.

8. The Boston Red Sox are 7 1/2 games behind the Yankees for first place and some might argue, they’d be far more competitive if they, ya know, had their star closer back.

9. If you’re already over the tax threshold, I never understand why not just keep the guy you already have. If you’re willing to continue paying David Price and JD Martinez stupid money, throw Kimbrel some cash too. You have the money.

10. Craig Kimbrel is out of the American League LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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