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10 Thoughts About Landon Collins Signing a 6-Year $84 Million Deal With The Washington Redskins

  1. Landon Collins is now the highest paid safety in NFL history with $45 million guaranteed which is interesting considering that the league has entirely shifted to passing the ball and Landon Collins is garbage in pass coverage.
  2. But apparently Landon Collins is a great locker room guy ya know, like that time he came out and publicly called Eli Apple a ‘cancer’ which is always fantastic for rallying a locker room together.
  3. There were SO many safeties available in free agency this season. Like every single safety is a free agent. I may have dropped out of college but I remember the freshman business class I got a C+ in. Supply and demand.
  4. Why would you EVER sign Landon Collins to the biggest deal ever when Earl Thomas is still a free agent. When Eric Berry is about to be released by the Chiefs any day now.
  6. Teams should put all of their money in pass protection and pass rushing. Probably shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket that exclusively exists to stop the run in a league that doesn’t run anymore.
  7. You also shouldn’t invest most of your money in your secondary and Washington is already paying Josh Norman top dollar to get beat on a slant route alongside Landon Collins next season.
  8. Real quick, and every time I write about Washington I feel like I’m the only person bringing this up: um, they don’t have a quarterback. Colt McCoy vs. Case Keenum is the QB battle going into training camp. What exactly is their plan here?
  9. Is Washington signing Landon Collins because they think they can win now? Because like, no the fuck they cannot. If Colt McCoy leads Washington to the playoffs it’ll be because he got so much confidence in practice exploiting Landon Collins on deep routes.
  10. Odell Beckham vs. Landon Collins twice a year…for six years. Lololol Odell is going to thank Landon Collins in his Hall of Fame speech.



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