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This Video of Odell Beckham Holding a Roach in Bed With a Chick Cutting Lines of Coke Isn’t a Great Look

Let me defend my man Odell here for a second. First of all, he would never be caught dead sharing a bed with a woman. You think Beckham is out here trying to get cooties? Yuck. This is fake news.

Also, I love ODB but he’s a little bitch. There is a zero percent chance that he would ever be caught holding a tiny roach like that. He’s a diva. He needs freshly rolled blunts or he’s not smoking at all. He seems like the type of guy who takes one sip of a Snapple before throwing the bottle away.


Here’s what French Instagram model, Laura Cuenca had to say about what Odell Beckham was doing in this video:

“No. He did not take any drugs!” an adamant Cuenca wrote in her native French during a private exchange on Instagram.

When asked to clarify what exactly Beckham is holding, Cuenca told The News it was “a piece of pizza.”

(NY Daily News)

My favorite part of Cuenca’s defense of this video is that she did not address the fact that she was so clearly prepping the cocaine. If you ever see a photo or video of me either holding my credit card or holding a random ass key in my hands, coke happened.

My second favorite part is that this woman looks like an alien and if she fucks up the New York Giants season because she HAD to record everything, we riot. We’re burning France down to the ground.

I still believe the Giants should pay him all of the money. If he’s really holding onto to roaches and eating like, Dominos pizza with no name ‘models’ then he desperately needs this money. If anything, this is a cry for help. Pay this man.



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