This Totally Sane Woman Eats 20 Sponges A Day

Think about your favorite meal. Now think about how often you’d eat it if it took zero time to prepare and you had an unlimited amount of it in your house. Well, Emma Thompson LOVES eating sponges and has a pantry stock full of them to satisfy her needs.

“A couple of years ago I was just washing the dishes and I seen the sponges with the scouring pads, and I just thought it’d be quite interesting to try one of them,” Thompson said.

“Ever since that I’ve been addicted to eating them. I just have to soak them in (dishwashing liquid) and then chew on them. I always have to make sure I have sponges in the house,” she said.

Thompson said she munches through at least two a day, but sometimes will go through a pack of ten or even eat 20 sponges when she is particularly stressed.

It makes a lot more sense when she describes it herself. She’s not just randomly eating sponges and shit. She uses dishwashing liquid as a condiment. I mean, it would be completely insane if she just ate sponges raw, but now that she has dipping sauce, it’s cool.

Who among us doesn’t have unorthodox eating habits when we’re stressed? I could eat a dozen donuts in one sitting. Whereas I’m a donut guy, she’s a sponge gal. After a bad day at work, she’ll come home and devour a 20-pack. Nothing wrong with that. Emma Thompson is totally sane.


Edited by Morgan Mandriota.

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