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This One Stat Should Disqualify Max Scherzer From The Cy Young Conversation



Look, I want to be contrary. I want so badly to sit here and write an article saying that Jacob deGrom doesn’t deserve the Cy Young award. It seems like everyone is on the deGrom bandwagon which makes me want to swan dive off this bandwagon head first.

But Max Scherzer would need 107 scoreless innings to have a lower ERA than deGrom? Yea, it’s a wrap. That’s roughly about 15 starts with no earned runs that Scherzer would need to touch deGrom’s ridiculous 1.70 ERA.

Yes, Scherzer reached the historic 300 strikeout milestone making him only the 17th pitcher since 1900 to reach that mark. He’s also 18-7 on the year and that’s 8 more wins than the Mets offense was able to hand deGrom this year.


Soooo yea, let’s get Max Scherzer ouuuut of here. You had a great season, my dude. Congrats. Jacob deGrom had 31 quality starts this season. Outside of one bad start, he was perfect from day one to his final day where he pitched 7 scoreless and struck out 10.

Again, I wish I could give a controversial take here. I really do. But nope, Jacob deGrom just had a legendary season and deserves every single award that MLB can possibly give him. Max Scherzer, does not.





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