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This New Saved By The Bell Revival Is The Most Disrespectful Project in TV History

NBC recently detailed the launch of their ‘Peacock’ streaming service, and it was announced that the company would reboot Saved by the Bell among other franchises for its launch. Mario lopez and Elizabeth Berkley will reportedly reprise their roles from the original series, but Mark-Paul Gosselaar has indicated that he hasn’t been asked to join the revival.

“I read it in the trades just like everybody else this morning,” he told Variety while at the premiere for Mixed-ish. “Honestly, I was never approached. I woke up to the news this morning with a kind of ‘huh’ response.” He also separately confirmed the news with E!, indicating that there’s nothing on the cards for the return of his character Zack Morris just yet. (Source)

Excuse me?…

NBC is introducing a brand new Saved By The Bell series starring AC Slater and Jessie Spano and they didn’t even give Mark-Paul Gosselaar a fucking phone call? What are we doing here?

NBC is trying to get us to pay for their unnecessary streaming service ‘Peacock’ and clearly they are shooting for millenials’ wallets by taking The Office back from Netflix and now bringing back Saved By The Bell.

But did anyone watch Saved By The Bell back in the day to catch the Jessie Spano storylines?

The only explanation I can think of for this massive mistake is NBC’s fear of rejection. I get the feeling that if they went to Mark-Paul Gosselaar first, he would have said no to this dumb shit because he’s still actively working on pretty decent TV shows and doesn’t need his name attached to Saved By The Bell again so instead of getting that ‘no’ email, NBC just pretended they lost his contact info.

You know who is definitely answering that phone call? Elizabeth Berkley, whom I imagine hasn’t eaten a meal since Showgirls in which her contract was paid entirely via bags of cocaine and McDonalds apple pie vouchers.

Mario Lopez seems to say Yes to every TV offer he’s ever been given so of course he’s in on this too. He was probably HYPED when he heard MPG wasn’t involved. AC Slater time.

Peacock is an awful name for a streaming service. It is totally redundant in a world where every network is trying to squeeze $10 a month from us and what these companies don’t realize is that by making all of these exclusive streaming services, you’re actually redirecting consumers back to cable because it’s far cheaper to pay $90 monthly for hundreds of channels instead of $200 for all of these individuals networks back that’s a conversation for another day.

Free Zack Morris.

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