This Is The Perfect Landing Spot For Cam Newton

In 2015, Cam Newton led the Carolina Panthers to a 15-1 record and a Super Bowl appearance ending with an MVP trophy. He was the best football player on Earth. After years of taking brutal hits, he’s suffered from shoulder and foot injuries that have rendered him inexplicably jobless after the 2020 NFL Draft as it appears he actually won’t get signed which is insane.

Last season, Nick Foles lost all 4 of his starts and was replaced by 6th round draft pick, Gardner Minshew. And the Chicago Bears traded for his 3-year $24 million contract this offseason.

Case Keenum signed a 3-year $18 million contract with the Cleveland Browns. If we notice the pattern here, none of these guys have ever won an MVP award. Not sure if I need to keep listing off average ass quarterbacks to make that point.

I don’t want to make this into a long article about how the NFL would rather give a bag to the decaying talent and overwhelming fertility of a 38-year old Philip Rivers while 30-year old Cam Newton is refreshing his TD Bank app waiting for that $1,200 stimulus check to hit his account.

On paper, it would appear as though every team has their starting QB heading into the season but there is one franchise that would be the perfect fit for Cam Newton’s talent.

The Denver Broncos just had one of best offseasons in the league going out of their way to surround their second-year QB, Drew Lock, with the most weapons they could find.

They signed Melvin Gordon to pair with their Pro Bowler Phillip Lindsay in the backfield. They drafted Jerry Jeudy, who many experts say is one of the most talented wide receiver prospects ever. They also drafted KJ Hamler, a receiver out of Penn State, who had 56 receptions for 904 yards and 8 TDs last season.

Not to mention wide receiver Courtland Sutton already on the roster, who had 72 catches for 1,112 yards and 6 touchdowns.

The Denver Broncos built a team to battle with the Kansas City Chiefs. The problem might be Drew Lock, who may have had a great run at the end of the season but we’re also comparing his success to Joe Flacco’s failure.

Lock went 4-1 as a starter while completing 64% of his passes and tossing 7 touchdowns. Dope. Good shit, kid. He also threw 3 interceptions and fumbled 3 times. He threw 204 yards a game. Nothing really impressive there. Tim Tebow numbers.

Imagine giving Cam Newton actual weapons to throw to. Sure, he had Christian McCaffrey there at the end but he’s never had anyone like Jerry Jeudy to throw to down the field. With Cam, Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay running the ball together, they’d compete with Baltimore as far as rushing offenses go.

Plus, this doesn’t mean you’re pulling the plug on Drew Lock. You’ll have a cheap, young, talented backup quarterback to build around in the future. You give Cam Newton a 2-year deal juuuust long enough before his bones turn to dust and then he can hand the keys off to Drew Lock.

Pull the trigger, Denver. You cowards. I promise you if Nathan Peterman gets another job before Cam Newton does then I’m calling bomb threats on every game.





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