This is the Fake Story Going Around To Explain Why Markelle Fultz Sucks

What Happened?

A report earlier this week claimed the source of Markelle Fultz’s shooting woes and shoulder issues last year was a motorcycle accident, that was covered up in order to protect Fultz:

“What many people don’t know is that the reason Markelle Fultz struggled last season and why he was out for so long, is because he had a motorcycle accident that was covered up,” Brandon Robinson claimed during a recent appearance on 97.3 ESPN. “That’s why his shooting shoulder was messed up.”

In a phone conversation with PhillyVoice conducted Thursday afternoon, Fultz’s agent, Raymond Brothers, vehemently denied the allegation.

“Markelle and the motorcycle, I saw the article that was sent, 100 percent not true,” said Brothers. “Quote me on that.”



Feed me all of the Markelle Fultz conspiracy theories. Fultz was an absolute monster at Washington and was the bonafide No. 1 overall draft pick. Then he got to Philadelphia and it suddenly seems like the basketball feels too heavy for him.

What a beast. Still a dumb move to trade up to select him but this footage at least gives some level of clarity as to why the Sixers would pull the trigger on that move.

Now look at this scrub in the background. He’s out here double pumping free throws and you can tell that even he is shocked he stinks so much.

So why does Markelle Fultz suck?

It was reported that he had a motorcycle accident which is a hilarious made up lie. Fultz is afraid to shoot a basketball in front of an arena of fans. Do you really think he’s the type of guy who’s flying around on a motorcycle?

I feel bad for Markelle but I also want to inject video clips of Markelle awful looking free throws directly into my neck. It’s funnier than any stand up special on Netflix. I want a push notification every time Jimmy Butler and Markell interact and a live feed of the event.

Keep Markelle off of motorcycles and also off a basketball court.


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