This Cop Crying Because Her McMuffin Took Too Long Is Exhibit A of Why We Need To Abolish The Police

Meet Officer Stacy, a woman who preordered her McDonald’s breakfast and was forced to pull up and wait for a few minutes before receiving her meal. Here she is having a mental breakdown over the totally normal sentence I just wrote:

So for crucial context here, the police have been working overtime recently and getting paid exorbitant overtime hours in order to beat the shit out of people who are protesting police brutality after the murder of George Floyd by the hands of the Minneapolis police.

Black people are in the streets demanding that the police stop hitting them and the police are hitting them and receiving overtime pay in the process while leaders like Bill De Blasio condemn the protestors and not, ya know, their violent abusers.

That’s where we are a nation right now.

Enter Officer Stacey, who is having a panic attack because she’s been made to wait for her food. This woman is the embodiment of everything that’s wrong with the police.

These narcissists with 20 college credits believe THEY are the victims every day putting their precious lives on the line to save humanity when in actuality they are self-important mediocre terrorists that demand respect because they wear a badge after passing a simple civil service test.

This woman is crying because she didn’t get special treatment. Even at the beginning of this Joker hostage video, she mentions how she always gets free shit but THIS time she wanted to call her order in and pay for it like she should be doing every single time.

Cops don’t feel special right now and they’re pissed about it.

They can’t handle that after years of receiving these unearned titles of ‘heroes’, they are now being revealed for what they truly are: regular ass nobodies that stink at their jobs. So go wait for your McMuffin, you asshole.

Although she doesn’t exploiting accuse anyone of any wrongdoing, she alludes to the fact that she doesn’t feel safe drinking the coffee they brought out to her.

Earlier this week, 3 NYPD officers were poisoned at a Shake Shack after tasting bleach and not feeling well. That report was immediately proven wrong as no one poisoned these egotistical cops. They just had a  fast food milkshake, got a tummy ache and claimed to taste bleach because thanks to Coronavirus, New York restaurants are finally clean.

There is zero accountability among any cop.

A Buffalo cop shoves an elderly man to the ground and the rest of the force steps over his crippled body while blood spills out of his ear. That cop gets suspended so the rest of the department all quit. Not ONE of them had the integrity to say ‘wow, we should not have beat up a geriatric man who was not in any way a physical threat to us’. Instead, they doubled-down because they are special and rules do not apply to them.

Officer Stacy is shaking in her car thinking that her fucking McDonald’s is poisoned. This woman carries a gun and is expected to make rational calculated decisions and de-escalate possible tension and she is CRYING because she thinks her coffee might be tampered with.

Abolish the police.

These are the men and women protecting us?

And people are still shocked when they murder black people out of fear. George Floyd died because he wasn’t a skinny white dude. He was big and black and the officers were terrified of him and once they got him to the ground they killed him because they were embarrassed by their own fear and punished him for it.

Officer Stacey gets called into arrest George Floyd and how do you think she handles her fear?

There is no reform here when cops protect each other and actively ignore protocols. It doesn’t matter that chokeholds are illegal if there is no one to enforce these rules. You cannot reform the police when they are not willing to participate in the reform.

Just get rid of the police. It’s not as if they prevent crime from occurring. They only show up after crimes have already been committed and often times make things astronomically worse.

If I’m ever in danger and dial 9-1-1 only for Officer Stacey to arrive I know best case scenario: nothing at all happens and I wasted my time calling or worst case scenario: she assumes I’m the criminal and unloads the entire clip on me and then gets suspended with pay for a week while no one prosecutes her and politicians allocate MORE money to her police department.

Abolish the Police and make Officer Stacey wait 30 minutes at every fast food restaurant she goes to as long as she wears that idiotic uniform and cosplays as a hero.



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