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4 Things That Need To Happen In Jessica Jones Season 3

Jessica Jones season 3 drops on Netflix June 14th and it will mark both the end of Jessica Jones’s story and the end of Marvel’s TV reign as Netflix has canceled Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

These shows were a fun experiment that succeeded and failed in various ways. The biggest takeaway from those shows is that 13 episodes of superheroes running around NYC are way too many episodes.

But ANYWAY, here are 4 things that need to happen in Jessica Jones season 3.

1. Give Us a Good Villain

These Netflix shows chose highly niche New York-centric C-level heroes (no offense to Daredevil) but the side effect of that choice is that the villains in the shows are D-level.

The Purple Man was the perfect counter to Jessica Jones’s power. Give her a cerebral villain that can control her and kill Luke Cage’s wife for no real reason. But the second season’s villain being Jessica’s mom in a loose wig was strange. Did anyone enjoy watching her fight a woman twice her age?

Whatever the man talking in the teaser trailer is up to, he better come right or don’t come at all. No more wigs.

2. Jessica vs. Hellcat

Jessica Jones and her former bestie Trish Walker are uh, not doing well when season 2 ends. Trish starts taking those IGH inhaling steroids and turns into a maniac andddd ends up killing Jessica’s mom which was a bit, much.

They could have a reunion and be best buddies again but is that really what any of us want orrr do we want to see Trish fully turn into her comic book persona, Hellcat, and claw Jessica’s eyes out? The latter. Duh.

3. More Hogarth

This is a quick one but as a Carrie-Ann Moss stan, I want/need to know that Jeri Hogarth is okay. She was diagnosed with ALS and then had some prostitute coke orgies. I just want her to have a happy ending.

4. Wrap Up The Defenders


Sooo, the massive elephant in the room is that Netflix canceled all of Marvel’s TV shows and Jessica Jones is the final installment to the Defenders franchise which sucks because we didn’t even get a second season of The Defenders.

Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist (eye roll) better make guest appearances in this show or else what was the point of this shared universe if they weren’t going to all have a big finale together?

Although, you could start Jessica Jones season 3 with a throwaway line like ‘oh dang, Iron Fist died from cardiac arrest. Oh no’ and then proceed to tell the story and no one would mind. We might celebrate.

But yea, this show needs to put a bow on what Marvel created. Sure, it didn’t end the way anyone expected with surprise cancellations but they can still salvage this whole thing.

Oh, and real quick: let Jessica Jones fly.

We’ve seen it occasionally in high pressure situations but she hasn’t really been able to simply take off and fly. Give her the big grand Dumbo moment and let homegirl fly off into the sunset.

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