They Still Murdered George

In May 2020, the Minneapolis police publicly executed George Floyd. He was not holding a bank full of patrons hostage. He wasn’t in a shoot-out. Some cashier thought he used a fake $20 bill and the police then proceeded to brutally murder him in broad daylight.

Almost a full year later and the officer that was recorded kneeling on his neck was finally found guilty.

Cool. Totally understand why this was a big moment for a lot of folks in a country that historically refuses to arrest any police officer after they brutally murder an innocent (black) person. In the past, the best case scenario was a cop murders your son and the city cuts you a check while that cop continues to go out there and terrorize your community.

But this is in no way ‘justice’. George Floyd is dead. He no longer gets to exist because Derek Chauvin decided so. It does not matter how much time Chauvin spends in jail. This isn’t justice.

Furthermore, there is no celebration until the police no longer exist. A 16-year old black girl was murdered by the police in Colombus within HOURS of the Derek Chauvin verdict. While Nancy Pelosi is thanking George Floyd for the ‘sacrifice’ he unwillingly made, the police obliterated a teenage girl.

13-year old, Adam Toledo, was gunned down in Chicago after the mayor and the police force said he was holding a gun despite the bodycam footage clearly showing this kid with his hands in the air gunless.

“Training” and “Reform” imply two things: 1. the cops *want* to reform. It doesn’t matter if you change the HR handbook if none of them give a shit to begin with. They can sign and say they took your little state-mandated racial sensitivity course but that doesn’t mean any of these pigs want to change.

And 2. it implies that they are unaware of what they’re doing. How many iPhone or body cam videos do we need to see before we lose this antiquated kindergarten belief that cops are good guys who make mistakes instead of lazy special needs racists who are fully cognizant of their destruction and even incentivized by higher-ups to perform these vicious acts.

You want to end police brutality? Remove the police.

Fuck this idea that cops should be able to do whatever they want in order to make sure they ‘get home safely’. We ALLLL want to get home safely but unfortunately don’t have the state behind us allowing us to murder anyone we might have a disagreement with throughout our day.

There is no further analysis regarding Chauvin’s bitch ass and his murder of George Floyd. It matters not of Floyd’s arrest record or what drugs may or may not have been in his system or whether he intentionally used a fake dollar to buy shit.

A man was murdered for absolutely no reason.

Abolish the police.

Written by TheLesterLee

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