There Needs To Be a Pacific Rim, King Kong, Godzilla Crossover Movie Yesterday

Cinema Blend spoke with Cale Boyter from Legendary during a set visit for Pacific Rim: Uprising, where they briefly touched on the notion of all three franchises combining. In short, it’s not in the immediate future, though Boyter did give a cryptic tease about another cool idea he has for the franchise:

There’s no plans to merge. Understandably that might be cool, but I might have something up my sleeve that will surprise you – that I think you guys will love, that I think is better than the obvious approach.

(Screen Rant)


Pacific Rim 2 and a Godzilla sequel are currently in production. There was just a (bad) King Kong movie this summer. Stop EVERYTHING…and slam all of these characters into one single movie franchise. Pacific Rim vs. Godzilla vs. King Kong needs to be in theatres yesterday.

Get me John Boyega and Charlie Hunnam in a gigantic robotic suit with a laser sword. Get me a dinosaur the size of the Statue of Liberty sharking through the Pacific Ocean. Get me a gorilla palming a leggy blonde. Get me borderline Japanese racist stereotypes. Drown me in this movie.

What is Pacific Rim 2 even about? The closed the rift to that weird alien planet. The aliens are back again? Cool. What an interesting plot. BOOO. Open the rift again but have Godzilla swim out like a badass. Also have King Kong in there doing wild shit.

Dear Hollywood, stop making every movie except THIS movie. Thank you.




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