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There Is Something Scary Going On With Greg Bird

So for a quick update on Greg Bird, apparently doctors have found no structural damage to Greg Bird’s ankle that has kept him out of the lineup since the beginning of May. That’s not great. Bird was playing pretty terribly before he was finally placed on the DL for what was supposed to be a couple of weeks but now it appears as though the Yankees are shutting him down for the season.

There is something scary going on with Greg Bird.

Let’s take Bird’s word for it. He can’t play through this undiagnosed pain. That alone is scary. Doctor have no idea why his leg is in pain and in 2017 it’s unbelievable that modern medicine has no response or answer to his struggles. Just throwing ice on it isn’t fixing shit.

But what if this unnamed source in the Yankees organization is correct? What if Greg Bird simply has no desire to play anymore? That is impossible to believe. Greg Bird was the best hitter in Spring Training and it wasn’t even close. I can’t imagine what happened in his life to suddenly make him lose interest in baseball.

There are plenty of players in the NBA who just happen to be 7 feet tall that don’t actually enjoy playing basketball. They just play because it’s what they’re best at and it pays the bills. Is it possible that Bird plays baseball simply because he’s good at it and he doesn’t actually like the day to day grind? That’s scary.

I reckon Bird has reallyyy fucked up his leg way more than doctors realize. Perhaps they’re looking for the wrong thing. In my mind, there is no way that Greg Bird sees every player from the minors come up this season and isn’t inspired to play with Judge, Sanchez, Wade, Fowler and Austin.

What’s most likely is that Chris Carter has Bird’s family hostage and is threatening to cut off fingers if Bird returns to the lineup. Someone call 9-1-1.



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