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There is Nothing The Boston Red Sox Love More Than Losing Baseball Games

You hate to see it…

On Friday night, the Boston Red Sox lost 15-8 to the Arizona Diamondbacks. A lose that included a massive Sterling Marte grand slam in the bottom of the 6th inning off Brian Johnson that blew the game wide open.

Rick Porcello allowed 7 runs on 10 hits 3 walks and 2 homers in 4 2/3 innings pitched. If you’re a Red Sox fan who wants to glass half full this situation, last start Porcello didn’t get past the third inning so to run this through the spin cycle, at least he made it to the 5th inning this time.

Porcello’s ERA this season is at a strong 13.50, which some might argue, is complete trash. Interesting move for the Boston Red Sox to start the season with zero good pitchers but to each their own.

Oh, quick reminder that the Red Sox $220 million payroll is the highest in the majors. Boston is ranked 28th in ERA. (Arizona is ranked 29th. They just beat Boston. Laugh out loud). They’re also 28th in batting average against. Your local beer league softball team could sweep Boston in a 7-game series right now.

Remember World Series hero David Price? He gave up 3 home runs and 4 runs in 6 innings against Oakland earlier this week on April Fools. I get the feeling Price is going to be a Fool in May and June as well.

They all suck. Top to bottom. No one is good at pitching.

Eduardo fucking Nunez came into the pitch in the 8th inning for Boston. He gave up a homer. Of course. Ya know, because he’s a middle infielder and not a pitcher. But he’s still better than Rick Porcello.

Boston has fallen to 2-7 on the season as they sit comfortably at the bottom the AL East. What a shame. You know what you reallyyyyyyy hate to see?


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