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There is Nothing Luke Voit Loves More Than Getting on Base

Luke Voit is quietly having a historic on-base streak seemingly out of nowhere. With Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, the two largest men in Major League Baseball, gone from the lineup due to the training staff having no idea how to stretch out their gigantic limbs, Voit was tasked with replicating their offensive productivity.

He has done so in spades.

He’s slashing .275/.523/.915 with 8 homers and 25 RBIs. Voit is leading the Yankees in RBIs, total bases and on-base percentage.

A random throwaway player in a deal that sent bitch ass Chasen Shreve to the St. Louis Cardinals for some International Pool Money. Oh, and take this minor league first baseman who spends more time in the weight room then he does with his family.

He was always projected to be a power hitter who can spray the ball all over the field. But no one ever thought of Voit as a patient hitter who would draw walks and get on base every single night. Personally, I thought he Voit would strikeout more than Judge and Stanton combined.


The New York Yankees have won 10 of their last 11 games playing with a roster that consists of DJ Lemahieu, Masahiro Tanaka and a bunch of guys who have played in the minors in the last 365 days.

Luke Voit has put the Yankees on his lats.

The real test for Voit will be how he plays when the stars return to the lineup. When the Yankees are shorthanded, the batter’s step into the box with the mindset of getting on base and moving runners over.

For whatever reason, when the lineup is healthy, every player thinks they’re Barry Bonds so they wait for a fastball down the middle and they swing for the fences. There are no role players. Even Brett fucking Gardner swings like he’s trying to hit a Kirk Gibson walk off.

We shall see if Voit maintains this patience or if he feels obligated to revert back to home run power swings every time he sees a pitch.

For the time being, Voit is going to get on first base during the game and then get on first base with some chick at the bar after the game. Then he’s going to lie to his friends the next morning and tell them that he ‘totallyyy banged her, bro’.

Remember Greg Bird? Yea, neither do I.


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