There is Nothing Lindsey Graham Loves More Than Paying Male Escorts To Pound His Little Butt

Lindsey Graham is a Republican senator from South Carolina who is most famous for bending over backwards to defend and please the president after years of condemning him before he was president.

He is the face of the Republican party’s cowardice and complete lack of spine as they continually throw out their own fake performative Christian values to defend Trump cheating on his pregnant mail order bride with an E list porn star.

Oh, and Lindsey Graham is also paying to have sex with dudes.

Now before I roast the shit out of Lindsey Graham, let’s first make two things very clear so that we’re all on the same page. I am 1000% on board with sex work. If you want to pay from a strong man to rip you in half then go off. If consenting two adults agree to smash genitals after money is exchanged then who gives a shit?

Also important to state that there is nothing funny about being gay. Everyone have sex with whomever you want. Everybody hump everybody. Do your thing thing.

BUT it is hilarious that 64-year old Lindsey Graham is out here dropping stacks of cash so he can kiss cute boys while his wife’s at work. Hilarious imagining this shriveled old man undressing only to look like Steve Rogers before he was given the super soldier serum and then proceeding to deep throat a greased up twink.

I don’t even want to talk about the obvious hypocrisies of a legislator who is anti-sex work and anti-gay marriage paying a muscled latino to put him in the Walls of Jericho. Or how he’s supposedly super religious and his god would not like knowing that he is Googling ‘big dick for $100’.

That’s obvious and you don’t need me to point that out for you.

No, I want to continue focusing on the idea of this worm rubbing his face in a bear’s pubes like a child on a new rug.

Look at this bacteria. He looks like the real life Red Skull. I know that’s my second Captain Amerca reference and I apologize.

Imagine how awkward it must be after he finishes blowing a gentleman of the night, wiping the semen out of his nose and tying his big ass tie getting ready to vote for a bill that allows bakeries to legally discriminate against gay customers.

Lindsey Graham is a truly despicable man who feigns beliefs to win elections but essentially doesn’t believe in anything outside of obtaining more power and paying to bounce his old boney butt on a $150 wee wee.

This is where all the sketchy Amazon and NRA campaign funds are going. So Lindsey can ride hung boys and participate in father-son roleplays.

Stop electing weirdos.


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