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There is No Reason Why Kyle Lauletta Isn’t The New York Giants Starting Quarterback

The New York Giants are 1-5 and everyone within the organization continues to stroke Eli Manning and baby him as if this isn’t his fault but here’s the thing: it’s Eli Manning’s fault.

Sure, on paper he’s having a fine season or whatever and his completion is at a career high but that is 1000% due to the fact that he’s a coward who is afraid to throw the ball down the field.

If the Giants are going to lose every game, I want to at least know that the quarterback is chucking it and trying to make plays downfield. Eli Manning seems like he’s padding his stats and preparing his Hall of Fame speech.

It’s time to unleash the rookie 4th round draft pick, Kyle Lauletta.

The Giants need to learn from their mistakes. They drafted Davis Webb in 2017 and cut him this summer before he ever threw a pass for this team. You cannot waste draft picks in the NFL. You are already losing every game. Send in the rookie and let’s see if he can ball or not.

This is what Saquon Barkley had to say about MY quarterback, Lauletta:

“Lauletta is an awesome guy. I’ve got a great friendship with him. He throws a great ball. He is going to be a heck of a player one day. He is a hard worker, too. Whenever he gets the chance to play, he will put in the time and effort and he will be ready. That could be in a year or you never know. He understands that. He has the right approach.”



You can tell Barkley wants to play with Lauletta. Honestly, you can tell that everyone wants to play with a quarterback not named Eli. We are a few weeks away from a Buffalo Bills situation where guys would rather retire at halftime then watch Nathan Peterman go out there turning the ball over and giving them no chance to win.

Eli is washed. Send out Kyle Lauletta and let’s see if there’s a hidden giant waiting to dominate this league. Also get a guy who will actually throw the ball to Odell Beckham. Cool, thanks.



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