There is No One on Earth Better At Their Job Than Kellyanne Conway

There is no one on planet Earth better at their job than Kellyanne Conway. Kellyanne is Donald Trump’s campaign manager and it was her job to lead the least qualified candidate ever into the white house. She succeeded and it kind of wasn’t even that close. Hillary blew a 3-1 lead thanks to the leadership of Conway.

I don’t want to go through the whole election though. We all know what occurred and we know who our president is. I want to talk about how she’s still leading Trump to victory. She’s the Jiminy Cricket to Trump’s Pinocchio. It’s the political dream team.

Everyone thinks Trump’s tweets are the ramblings of a mad man but many sources say he’s not even in charge of his account anymore, Kellyanne is running that shit. So while many are scrambling to shit on Trump for making up nonsense about millions of people illegally voting, Kellyanne is sitting in a dimly lit room smirking in a cloudy mirror.

However, it’s a genius move by Mrs. Conway.

For you see, earlier that day the New York Times wrote a great article about how his presidency will affect all of his international business ventures. Instead of coming out immediately and deflecting the idea that his presidency is all a ploy to increase his economic standing worldwide, Trump fired off a stupid tweet about voter fraud and stole headlines for the week.

Who do you think decided to tweet that out? My girl, Kellyanne. Wifey. The hardest working woman in politics. Round of applause to the voice in Trump’s head.

There is no one better at their job than Kellyanne Conway. No one.



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