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There is a New Dating App Specifically For Kanye West Fans and Taylor Swift Fans Are Banned From It

Web site Yeezy Dating is slated to come out later this month, catering to “fans of the genius Mr. Kanye West,” Ebony reports.

Although details about the service are still scant, users are already trying to sign up.

“Allow me in,” one user wrote on the dating app’s Instagram page. “Have been trying to join but [it’s] not accepting my mail?”

Also, Yeezy Dating is rehashing the Taylor Swift and Kanye feud, as fans of the pop songstress are “banned from this [Web site].”

(NY Post)


Dating is hard. But we all know that already. If you’re reading Deadseriousness then you’re for sure as lonely as I am. Well now all of that is over as Yeezy Dating has come to save us from ourselves. Thank you, Yeezus.

Here’s a quick story: One time I picked a girl up for a first date and when she got in the car, I played ‘Gone’ off of Late Registration. She then asked ‘what is this?’ and wanted me to turn it off.

I almost drove the car off of a bridge like Cameron Diaz in Vanilla Sky. I didn’t want to live in a world where there are people who don’t love Kanye and I certainly didn’t want her to live either.

Now thanks to Yeezy Dating, the girl I pick up will only want to turn off Gone so she can play like, All Falls Down instead. Once this app launches, I’m officially one right swipe away from bae. Can’t wait to get into reallyyy heated arguments over which album we think is his best and spend all of our money on concert tickets we can’t afford. Together.

Also, Taylor Swift fans are fine or whatever but I have to remove T-Swift fans out of my life to get closer to Kanye fans then SEEEE YAAAA.



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