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There is a Less Than 0% Chance That Kevin Durant Signs With The New York Knicks

Last night during Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals, a fan(s?) hit Kevin Durant with a ‘New York Knicks’ in attempt to throw him off by reminding him of his upcoming free agency.

Most reports say that Durant to New York is basically a done deal. Kevin Durant put his Malibu house up for sale and his investment firm has already bought an office building in Manhattan.

Durant’s business partner, Rich Kleiman, is a lifelong Knicks fan and one of those scary connected New Yorkers that knows a guy who knows a guy that will kidnap your family if you fuck around.

I love New York.

The Knicks have FINALLY, cleared their books and will have two max cap slots for Durant and any superstar he chooses to play with, although many believe that other max slot already belongs to his ‘best friend’, Kyrie Irving.

But here’s the problem with everyone treating Kevin Durant signing with the Knicks as a done deal, it’s not.

What people tend to forget about KD is that he’s a 14-year old Call of Duty gamer troll. Now that everyone thinks Durant is going to the Knicks, he’s intentionally not going to sign with them because he’s a petty little bitch.

He’ll sign with the Orlando Magic just so he can say ‘ha ha, made you look’ and be miserable there for the next half decade running the two-man weave with DJ Augustin.

Remember that we’re dealing with a big ass child who searches his own name on Twitter. He sees everyone already proclaiming that he’s already a Knick and this immature high school freshman is going to ignore all of the Knicks calls this summer because he doesn’t want to be told what to do.

So congrats to Kevin Durant, future Memphis Grizzly.

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