There is a Band Named ‘4:44’ That Just Dropped an Album Called ‘Jay-Z’

From the redonkulous news file this morning — a self-professed “shameless marketing technique” from a New Jersey prog / jam three-piece.

See, about three weeks ago, hip-hop icon Jay-Z released his thirteenth studio album, 4:44. It just so happens that this band — singer and guitarist Anthony Friedlander, bassist Greg Mele Jr. and drummer Zach Gormley — is also named 4:44. So they named their new EP JAY-Z.



Finally, that freshman year marketing class that you had to take as an elective is paying off. Sure, you dropped out to form a ‘progressive jam band’ but you never forget what you learn at the local community college.

Do you think record sales spiked for 4:44 when Jay-Z dropped 4:44? Does that sentence make any sense? I refuse to listen to this band play a single song because there’s no doubt it’s trash but don’t be shocked when they release their own ‘Story of OJ’. SEO game strong.

Jay-Z says that the name of his album came from the fact that he woke up at 4am to write the featured song. Did this band all simultaneously wake up at 4am and decide that they’re going to make shitty jam music? Probably.


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