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The Worst Thing Donald Trump Has Done in His Presidency is Turn LeBron Vs. MJ in a Political Debate

What Happened?

And in one tweet, Twitter was destroyed.

I am writing this article two days after Trump dropped this bomb at 11:37pm on a Friday night like a drunk girl at the bar posting a provocative/gross selfie for the boys, and people are STILL arguing LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan is the most inconsequential way possible.

After every NBA Finals ends, every sports show along with everyone that has a wifi connection, decides to throw in their two cents about who they believe is the greatest basketball player of all time: Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

Everyone’s criteria for No. 1 is different. For MJ folks, it’s all about winning 6 championships and being the most dominant player on the court every single time he laced them up. He punched his own teammate, Steve Kerr, in the face because he’s such a ‘competitor’. Michael Jordan was so much better than everyone that he used to sing to his defenders as he dropped 50 on them.

For LeBron stans, it’s all about dragging awful teams to the NBA Finals and filling the box score with ridiculous statistics. No player in NBA history is as skilled in scoring, rebounding and passing as LeBron James is. There is nothing on a basketball court that he cannot do better than anyone else on that court.

But now thanks to Donald Trump’s weird tweet questioning LeBron’s intelligence and saying he ‘likes Mike!’, we now have to compare LeBron and MJ politically and that’s just not a fair fight considering that MJ’s overpriced sneakers have caused conflicts in the black community for decades, oh, and MJ happens to have invested millions into private prisons.

LeBron James just opened a school in Akron for troubled kids that will provide free lunch, bikes for all the students and job placement programs for their parents. Any side of this debate is toxic and counterproductive.

We all know that Donald Trump questioning LeBron’s intelligence is racist, right? Any participation with that late night ‘Aren’t black people so dumb?’ tweet, is abortive and ultimately allows racist people to join in under the cover of spirited basketball debate.

Also, no one is really out here riding for Don Lemon, nor do they need to but it’s no coincidence that Trump saw two black people talking spicy about his presidency and lashed out by screaming into his dog whistle for his base, who 1000% like the NBA as much as they like black people which is to say, not at all, to come ride out on LeBron.

Now my Twitter timeline has devolved into LeBron fans defending the IQ of a man whose IQ need not be defended and (white) Michael Jordan fans goosestepping out of the woodwork with their custom Chicago Bulls MAGA hats.

I’d rather Donald Trump call Kim Jong Un a pussy on Twitter than compare LeBron and MJ. At least that would lead to an immediate nuclear war. This grueling basketball conversation that has nothing to do with basketball will slowly kill us second-by-second like mesothelioma. We have mesothelioma now thanks to Trump.



sidenote: To be clear, the best basketball player of all time is Wilt Chamberlain so yea.




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