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The Worst Part About Lindsay Lohan Defending Harvey Weinstein Is Her Dumb Fake Accent

Uh, the fuck is coming out of this woman’s mouth? Were those words? All I could focus on is how hard Lindsay Lohan tried to maintain that accent. I mean, you could literally see her have an ‘oh shit’ moment at the end where she forgot to do her accent for awhile and really doubled down.

Was that Irish? British? I don’t even want to talk about all of the insane things she was saying about Harvey Weinstein. She is very clearly on the wrong side of history here. That doesn’t interest me. But that accent is an absolute nightmare.

People want Harvey Weinstein arrested after some women have come out and straight up said they were raped by him. Again, not getting into that right now but after watching that video I can say with complete confidence that Lindsay needs to be behind bars as well. Can’t have this woman free if she’s going to be speaking this way. Someone is going to get hurt.

I both want to hear hours more of her speaking like an asshole but I also want her to have her voice box ripped out Roadhouse style. I’m so conflicted. This ruined my day. Or made it better. I’m so confused. Help.



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