The World is a Better Place Without J Crew

J Crew has filed for bankruptcy this week under the guise that this coronavirus pandemic forced its closure but in actuality, the company has been in a deficit for quite some time as the world has turned its back on their argyle sweaters and high-waisted everything.

J Crew has always been clearance Ralph Lauren clothes pretending to symbolize this ‘hip’ modern-day wardrobe for the new money elite but at the end of the day, they were just moderate WASP uniforms for upper-middle-class assholes that love shopping at the mall but wish certain stores would turn down the hip hop.

This store was where khaki pants were born and raised. All you can eat quarter-zip knit sweaters.

Of course this business failed.

They built a brand for people with no style and an inflated sense of self-worth. It was a store for Karen’s who felt hip buying pantsuits at J Crew instead of Chico’s. Literally the least inclusive group of people in the market. WASPy entitled assholes do not want to share their store with anyone but themselves so as retail died thanks to Amazon, it was impossible for J Crew to grow.

The same sociopaths who are protesting outside of restaurants because the government won’t allow them to get waitresses sick for a couple of months, are the same consumers that J Crew built their brand around. These faux-passionate easily impressionable dumbfucks.

Do you know the types of liberals who ‘Believe All Women’ when they’re mad at the movie producers who attacked the women that think represent them in movies but call Tara Reade a liar because she’s accusing a man who reminds them of their elderly uncle who used to give them a birthday card with like $450 spilling out the bottom when they were tweens?

Yea, those are the same types of people who would shop at J Crew because Michelle Obama does.

j crew

Let’s celebrate living in a post-J Crew world.

Clothes made for people who spend their summers in the Hamptons but sold to people who cannot afford to spend their summers in the Hamptons but believe the reason they can’t afford to isn’t because they’re wasting their money on J Crew trash but because illegal immigrants aren’t paying taxes or whatever.

A luxury brand for PTA moms and their emotionally abusive husbands. J Crew was like if Banana Republic and Abercrombie had an illegitimate child and sent the baby down the river where it was found and raised by JC Penny.

My point is, this store was wack and was made for the wackest people who are so overly protective of what their’s that they choked out any growth of their favorite clothing line. Karens ruin everything.





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