The WILD Finish in the Argentina Scotland Game Reveals a Major Flaw With The 2019 World Cup

Up 3-0 with a chance to advance to the Round of 16, all Scotland had to do was continue to sit on Argentina’s chest and maintain the dominant play that had established for the first 70 minutes of the match.

Scotland’s Erin Cuthbert scored on a breakaway goal at the 69th minute (nice.) to secure the W for Scotland. Argentina pretty much threw in the towel taking out their captain and star, Estefania Banini, who was noticeably pissed, for Milagros Menéndez, who only had 3 International caps prior to Wednesday afternoon.

Anddd homegirl immediately made her impact in this game scoring the first goal for Argentina. Flor Bonsegundo would come back down and rip a shot off the top crossbar that would bounce back in after it was sort of misplayed by Scotland goalkeeper, Lee Alexander.

So it’s 3-2 and Scotland could still limp away with a victory here.

Until the 86th minute when absolutely chaos ensued. Scotland defender, Sophie Howard committed a penalty on Argentina in the box that wasn’t called on the field but would quickly receive a VAR review.

The Video Assisted Review took about 4 minutes only to be followed by an on field review but they would eventually call the penalty leading to a penalty kick for Argentina.

After a long review and some Scotland bullshit that involved continuing to argue with the ref and talking to Bonsegundo before she took the get in order to get in her head and burn more clock, Bonsegundo got STOPPED by Lee Alexander and that was it. Scotland survived.

Lololol JK.

Ya see, this is where the massive problem of the 2019 World Cup is. No, this wasn’t some article complaining about how long reviews take like the announcers would not stop repeating over and over again.

I’ll never understand why people complain about the length of reviews. Get the calls right. Are you in a hurry to go somewhere? You sat down to watch a game. Who gives a shit if you lose an extra 6 minutes.

Especially in soccer where the clock never stops running away. VAR doesn’t extend games longer than they need to be. Games are going to be 90 minutes long with some stoppage time regardless.

No, this article is about the weird rule that seems to be of emphasis this year that goalies cannot move from the line until the kick is taken. Sure, I understand if the goalie makes an aggressive move before the PK but Lee Alexander flinched for a split second and was given a yellow card.

This same call cost Nigeria a goal earlier this week. Penalizing a goalkeeper for flinching before she makes the biggest play of her life via a review system that should in no way be used to determine that type of call is um, dumb as hell.

Of course Lee Alexander couldn’t make the save the second time. She was afraid to move.

At the end of the day, that ending was dramatic as hell and I loved every second of it but emphasizing a rule to prevent goalies from reacting is problematic. Clearly.

But hey Scotland, if you don’t want to draw with a penalty kick, maybe keep a 3-0 lead for 20 minutes.

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