The Washington Nationals Have To Move Back To Montreal After What Bryce Harper Just Did To Them

My god. What a complete mental and physical domination over an entire city. Bryce Harper came back to Washington wearing a Phillies jersey and turned it into a home game for Philadelphia.

Regardless of how you feel about Bryce Harper, you cannot ignore what is happening this season already. He has 3 home runs and 5 RBIs already. The season just started and he’s already proving to be the biggest free agent signing.

His decision to move on from Washington and head to Philadelphia made no sense. It was an in-division rival team that hated him. It’s a day car drive away from Washington. Their fucking jerseys are the same colors.

It’s clear that he only went to Philadelphia because he they offered him the biggest bag and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But Harper taking the bag and then failing miserably would’ve been a hilarious storyline.

Nope, he’s about to win the National League MVP again and Washington got completely dunked on Tuesday night. From Bryce eating those boos to Bryce flipping his bat into outer space to the Phillies fans out cheering the Nationals fans in their own building.

It’s a shame there can’t be a baseball team in Washington anymore but rules are rules. They 1000% have to move the squad back to Montreal after this embarrassment. That was some real Expos stuff.

The Washington Nationals are dead. Bryce Harper killed them.

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