The Uncomfortable Josh Gordon Conversation No One Is Having

Josh Gordon has been suspended indefinitely yet again for failing a drug test. There are no details on what he tested positive for but the league labeled it as ‘performance enhancing’ and a ‘substance of abuse’.

*whispers* he probably just did mad Adderal.

This will be his 6th suspension since 2013, which some might argue, is 6 suspensions too many.

But this is not about to be Josh Gordon bashing. Addiction is real and if he truly cannot overcome his need to use then he needs more help than whatever the Seahawks or Patriots were offering him this season.

In 2013, Josh Gordon led the NFL in receiving yards. He missed two games that season. Didn’t matter. Still the best receiver in the game.

Anddd then he immediately followed that up by being suspended for 11 games in 2014 and being essentially kicked out of the league for the following two years after that before finally being reinstated in 2017.

After being cut by the Patriots a few weeks ago and now being suspended from Seattle, it’s safe to say that this is the end of this man’s career. Time will go by and we’ll forget that Gordon even existed. His 2013 season will be an anomaly that we all ignore. Like that time Peyton Hillis was on the cover of Madden. We all kind of just pretend like that never happened.

As much as I want to shit on the NFL here for their inability to come to terms with the fact players smoke weed and some of them need to in order to deal with the mental and physical exhaustion of the grueling sport.

But from stories I’ve read from former players, most guys understand when to smoke and when the testing is going to be and how to avoid failing one. Josh Gordon has to be fully aware of these tricks too and simply cannot stop himself from using whatever drug is in front of him so I won’t compare his real struggles with the more recreational use of others.

Gordon had 27 catches this season for 426 yards. Not great for a supposed deep threat that was going to transcend the Patriots and Seahawks offense. I mean like, he had some big first down catches in Seattle’s victory over San Francisco and that win will probably be enough to give Seattle the NFC West title but uh yea, I also believe Russell Wilson is capable of buying enough time to get any wide receiver open.

This is probably it for Josh Gordon. But not because he can’t keep his nose clean. But because he’s kind of a nonfactor on offense. His 2013 season is a long ass time ago. This year he was limping around and apparently getting high. There exists not a reality in which suddenly Gordon figures everything out within himself and returns to top wide receiver form.

There certainly exists a reality in which Gordon overcomes his demons. I am 1000% rooting for that outcome. But as far as his NFL career goes, it’s a wrap.

Antonio Brown could rape 19 more women—today—and he’ll play more games in 2020 than Josh Gordon will because AB can still produce at a high level and Josh Gordon had only one catch against the Panthers this past Sunday.

And the saddest part is that fans will cheer for Antonio Brown when he’s on their team while Gordon fades into obscurity with guys like Josh Hamilton and OJ Mayo as former top athletes who lost everything to drugs and were erased from our memories as if they never even existed.

Oh, and I’m walking around this so let me just be clear: FUCK Antonio Brown.

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